Using Technology To Improve Group Focused Studying

Group focused studying is a technique used in class rooms to get a better outcome of the teaching process. What happens here is, the teacher dividing students to small groups and asking them to work together. The working together happens inside the class room as well as outside of it. That way, students actually get a better chance at finding their motivation for studying and getting answers for questions they might have.

These days we have a chance to improve group focused studying using technology. This can, however, only happen by using the best computer programme out there which is designed to help group focused studying. Such a computer programme helps to improve group focused studying in different ways.

Finding Out How Ready a Certain Group Is

As the teacher with such a computer programme, which is easily accessible through the web, you get the chance to see how ready each of the groups is with what you have taught them. Their preparation levels are decided by team readiness assurance test software which questions them of what you have taught them. They can answer these questions by talking among each other as a group. The final answer they come up with showcases how much they have understood what you have taught them.

Knowing Which Groups Need Help with Certain Questions

The best of such a computer programme allows the groups to show if they need more clarifications about a certain question you have posed them in your examination. At the end of such an examination session, you can understand what areas need more discussion for certain groups based on the questions they want to have clarifications of.

Asking Teams with More Knowledge to Explain to the Ones with Questions

As TRAT software shows you which groups need you to explain more about certain questions, you get the chance to see which groups do not need such help as well. Then, instead of explaining the questions to the ones who have trouble understanding them on your own, you get the chance to assign this task of explaining to the groups which have understood the questions. That way you get to help both groups.

Understanding Whether or Not Students Are Using Additional Materials You Provide

Since you can use this platform to upload additional materials to the students you can also check who downloads them and when they do that.

With the right technology you get a chance to gauge the knowledge and competency of each individual student as well as group.