The Different Types Of Lawyers

Even though there are many lawyers in the world, not all are alike. Each lawyer has their own discipline that they follow. There are lawyers that even follow multiple disciplines. This way lawyers are more effective. Each discipline is filled with rules and regulations and it is impossible to be a Jack of all trades. Even becoming a lawyer is not an easy task. Usually to be a lawyer, the individual should enter law school after graduating. Thereafter they should finish 3 to 4 years of law school and then go on to pass the bar exam to become a lawyer. Further they should work as junior lawyers for few years before becoming independent.

Usually, after passing the bar exams, many lawyers stick to a discipline. This helps them become experienced in one field. This experience is what gives them the ability to deeply learn about a particular discipline. From murder to intellectual property innovation in Singapore, there’s a lawyer to handle everything. Here are a few different types of lawyers.

Criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyers are lawyers that work in the criminal element of the law. This includes crimes such as murder, assault, battery, damage to property, theft etc. These lawyers usually should prove why someone is guilty and establish a motive for the crime. The defending lawyers should try to invalidate the proof. Further there many defenses to make the motive less dangerous and more of a mistake. It a complicated and vast area of the law.

IP lawyer

An intellectual property lawyers deals with intangible property such as patents, copyrights and trademarks. When there’s an intangible property, they should be presented and safeguarded. IP lawyers are experts on this matter. It may seem like a small area but it is a vast area of law. It is also a vastly growing area in law due to increase in internet startups and what not.

Corporate lawyer

Corporate lawyers are lawyers that deal with all corporate matters. This can include mergers & acquisitions, contract law, tax law and etc. It is a large are in law many corporate lawyers work together. Due to its vastness, there are lawyers that work on certain elements in corporate law. Corporate law is also a highly growing and demanded area in law. They are also the highest paid lawyers.

Immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers are lawyers that deal with all things immigration related. They help people immigrate and also deal with issues arising due to immigration. There are many rules and regulations that pertain to immigrations and an immigration lawyer should be hired to help you through it.