How To Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you use an air conditioning unit keep in mind that you need to clean it every once in a while. Doing so will ensure that your machine will last longer as well as go on working without any issues. In addition to that you would also be able to save the money that you would have had to end up spending on repairs. Hiring repair services are not cheap so you need to take good care of your unit. There are a few simple things that you could possibly do to avoid something like that. It would be in your best interests to follow them.

Now before you start your aircon servicing in Singapore make sure that the unit is properly switched off. If you want to be extra careful you can switch it off from the circuit breaker itself. You need to start somewhere and the best place to start from is the coper tube that connects the unit to your house. If this seems to be heating up then it means that you need to properly clean the coils of the unit. Be careful as to not damage the coils when you do this. Of course before you get to the coils you need to first clean the area around the unit if dirt or debris. Following that slowly removed the cover and clean that as well. Do so with a small brush.

The next step in aircon servicing is to cover the important parts with a plastic sheet and hose down the frame and the rest. Make sure the important parts are properly covered as otherwise it could cause it to short circuit. Another thing to keep in mind is that some models require certain parts to be cleaned in a specific way. Like for an example some models require the motor to be lubricated. So make sure that you properly check the manual to see if there is anything special like that. Once you are done with all of that you can replace the cover.

Next you need to clean the internal unit. Make sure you clean it properly and check to see if there is any water dripping out. If you can’t really figure out how to fix it yourself you are better off calling a technician to help you. On that same note sometimes there maybe issues with temperature control. It may not be cold as you wanted it to be. You could check for yourself with another device to see if the room temperature is as stated in the air conditioning unit. On that same note listen to see if the unit is making any weird noises while operating as that could be signs of it not working properly. All in all good maintenance is in your best interests.