How To Ensure Safe And Secure Movement Of Your Belongings Internationally?

“Recently an incident happened; a couple was shifting their house to a new city. And to make the shifting process easier and less time taking, they hired a professional packer. Everything was going well till the time, their belongings reached at the airport. They took the flight and person from the packing company assured them that their consignment will reach to the destination after they reach. They reach to their destination, but unfortunately their consignment didn’t. They thought there must be some delay in the process. But, they shocked to know that the packer company was not answering their call. Moreover, they didn’t have any option of tracking their consignment.”

So, if you do not want to encounter such bad experience while moving from USA to Singapore, then hire only the best professionals in the field. Here are some tips that will help you get the best packers in the city.

Ask following questions to the packers before hiring them

• Do you have license to prove your business is legal?

No matter what type of business a person is running there is always a license is required to be called as legal workers. The same applies to packers company as well. To run the business legally, one has to hold the license of work. And you should always trust the company that carries the license with them.

• What is the permanent address of your company?

It is important to have the permanent address of the company. This will help you to catch them, if something wrong happens to your belongings when shipping is done. Thus, ask for the permanent address of the company and visit the office once or twice to verify the address. You can ask about the credential of the company from them.  For more specific details, you can definitely click this site for household goods mover.

• Is there any tracking system available

Either you are moving from Singapore to USA or locally, you should ask for the presence of the tacking system. The tracking system will help you to locate your shipment when it is on the move. This will keep you relaxed.

• Are you ready to give all commitments in writing

A hard copy of any agreement is considered as legal document in case of any misshaping. Thus, you should ask for a written document for the commitments the company is making with regards to the shipment. This document you can use anytime as a proof if any fraud takes place. You can get them over email or take the document in writing as well.