How To Effectively Eradicate Your Rodent Problem

Rodents are the cause of a huge loss of food supplies all over the world. Rats and mice, among other rodents, can eat up your food, and when they don’t eat it they ruin it anyway because of their urine, waste, and even their fur. They have also been known to structurally cripple buildings of any size because of the way they gnaw through critical points in the structure. Some rodents burrow underneath the foundations of buildings, weakening them through a system of tunnels that can spread for miles underground given the right amount of time. They can get through hard materials like concrete, lead and even aluminum siding.

High reproduction rates

The first thing about rodent control is that they reproduce extremely fast. They are mainly active while everyone else is asleep. Different types of rodents engage in different types of annoyances. Rats are definitely the world of the bunch. They are known for being insanely greedy, and will gobble up all of the food that they steal immediately. Mice, on the other hand are far more cultured. They tend to nibble their food a little at a time like squirrels, and aren’t nearly as bothersome as their larger, uglier counterparts. Mice are also very curious by nature, whereas rats are far more cautious because of their experiences with humans.

Go nuclear

If you truly want to stop the spread of these animals through rodent control you need to make sure that in the event of an infested house, you go with the nuclear option. This means that you destroy the animals, not leaving a single one alive. This is the only way to be sure that they won’t spread to another part of the house or even the neighborhood. For a success in this sort of process you are going to need to combine baiting and trapping of the animals effectively enough to kill them all. However, this is not going to work if your infestation is already out of hand.

Remember that these rodents have already been attacked by humans before. They know what is going on. They will always be careful, especially near their nests. You need to be cautious as well, and place your traps near their sources of food, and not their habitats. If you disturb where they live, they might even move out and find a new nest, which will make you have to go through the process of hunting for it again. Also make sure that your bait isn’t in a place that will attract even more rodents to your location!