Fake It Till You Make It: How To Build Confidence In Yourself

All the employers, the motivational speakers and the lifestyle gurus preach it: confidence is the first step to building a successful future. But what if confidence is hard to come by? What if you’re so insecure that you can barely take critique, so shy that you can’t even interact properly, let alone network? The trick is to pretend a certain amount of bravado even if you are not feeling it and eventually it will become second nature to you. Here are some tips on how to fake it till you make it:

Feeling Positive about Yourself

Everyone on earth has insecurities. That being said, they also have at least one thing that they are proud of. Find that one thing in yourself that you are confident with: it can be a physical feature such as your eyes or height, a talent such as story telling or a personal characteristic such as being a good listener. Play it up for all you’re worth: emphasize your eyes with makeup or the right coloured clothes to make them pop; gather some people around and tell them a story or try making it your career; and if you’re nervous about speaking to strangers at a party, start a conversation with a few lines and then listen to the speaker intently. Over time, the confidence you gain from highlighting that one aspect of yourself will spill over into other parts of yourself as well.

It’s Alright to Be Proud of Your Looks

It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, but there is nothing wrong in getting a little help from the miracles of medical science if you feel strongly that you should. As long as it doesn’t harm you in any way, surgery can help boost your confidence. For instance if you were a pimply teenager and you can’t keep slathering makeup every day, go see a doctor about getting acne scar treatment in Singapore.

You may be given pills and creams, or you may have laser therapy. Either way, with professional acne scar treatment your face will lose the scars and if that’s what’s needed to boost your confidence, then go for it.

Be Ready to Fail

One of the subconscious reasons of being unconfident is the fear of failure. What if I talk to someone new and they reject me? What if I take a risk and it doesn’t pay off? Much better to simply keep my head down and lay low. The truth is that no matter what you do in life, it takes some amount of risk and chance. Take baby steps; you don’t need to look for financial investors in your first attempt at conversation. Listen well, and initiate contact. Consider it a victory if you haven’t bored them to death in 2 minutes. If you have, consider it a challenge: rectify your mistakes, and go attack someone else. Eventually, you will gain the confidence to approach someone and market yourself the way you choose.