Month: October 2016

Can Babies Be Taught To Sleep At The Correct Time?

Babies… they are the most sweetest and adorable creatures on the planet. They are of course ‘fun sized’ humans but more than that, they are going to be the adults of tomorrow. They are going to bring the change that the world needs. So they are important.

However importance is not good enough of a reason for terrible sleep schedules. Babies have absolutely awful sleep patterns… if you can call it a pattern. They sleep most of the time but then just when the parents decide to get some shut-eye, wham! They are awake… and hollering.

Of cause this is not their fault. Babies are babies. They do not understand about being on time for work, or cleaning the house. They do not understand ‘adult’ stuff. Their world is small. It involves mama, papa, the cot, food, diapers and pets(if you have any). Furthermore complicating matters is the fact that babes cannot communicate that well. Depending on their age of development babies can communicate through basic sounds, giggles and tears. With all honestly, it isn’t the best combo, but that is all they have.

So the bottom line is babies have terrible sleep patterns and do not have adequate language skills. This brings us to the question “Can babies be taught to sleep at the correct time?”

The answer to that is yes. Babies can be taught however it is not that easy. There are many baby sleep training methods in Singapore available but all of them require time and a lot of diligence when it comes to following the plan. This is mainly because for a baby to learn something it has to become part of their routine and also become a part of their world. Therefore whichever method you decide to use will have to be incorporated into the baby’s routine and this routine should be followed to the best of your ability. When this is done your baby will be able to learn.

Methods that can be used to train your baby can include adjusting lighting for the baby so the baby will know that in dim lighting, he or she is expected to sleep. Another thing you can do is try to not excite the baby when it is their nap time. Babies get stimulated very easily even something as simple as eye contact or excited voice can keep them awake. Therefore always try to make sure you only try to sooth the baby when it is their time to sleep. Use a hushed voice and avoid eye contact.

If you still want baby sleep training help, you can always consult with a counselor. They will help you understand the best methods to help them sleep and also understand how to understand your needs and your thoughts.

Ultimately babies can be taught to sleep at the correct time or at least something close to it. you just have to employ a good method and make sure it is always followed.