Month: May 2016

Your Business Needs An Antivirus

Software that combats viruses isn’t something that is made simply for the average home user. A business has a large number of computer systems in the office. Servers are also present. These are all in danger of attacks from malware and viruses. Just like any individual, internet access in a business puts it at risk of getting infected. In fact, a company is more in the cards to come under attack due to the extra money that can be siphoned off it if the virus is successful. In truth, software isn’t as specific as a hacker in targeting anything. Any person who connects to the internet and inadvertently downloads the software is at risk, regardless of the system they are logging on from.

Why Is This So Important?

The biggest security concern is not that data can be lost during a cyberattack. Antivirus solutions are needed to prevent the theft of data as well. A hacker can usually write a virus up in a matter of hours and send it out into the wild. If a company without an antivirus or firewall downloads it, customer records can with no trouble be stolen by the hacker. These records could include the credit card and identities of the customers who work with the company in question. The theft of this data can result in the daylight robbery of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why Not Keep Everything On Paper?

This is what everyone is probably wondering. Computers are without question necessary in the world today. Imagine the amount of space that would be consumed for filing if a company like Google were to store all their user information on paper. With over a billion people using the services of the company this would result in an area the size of New York being taken up with filing cabinets. Computers with antivirus solutions in Singapore in them are incredibly essential to a company because it is not possible to keep hard copies of all these details and still be as efficient as they currently are.

It is possible for a hacker to bypass a firewall physically. This basically works out into a scene that closely bear a resemblance to the movies we all know and love. Someone sneaks into the server room and plants a virus into the main server physically using storage media. As a company, having just an antivirus isn’t enough. You need to have physical security, access levels and other features as well.