Month: January 2016

Activities That Will Boost Your Child’s Memory (Play Group)

Teaching kids to remember things might prove to be a difficult task. But there are many approved activities that show good results to help your child boost their memory and remember things. This will be very helpful in the long run for your child and it will train them from a very small age as to how o stimulate certain parts of the brain. See this link for more information about day care centre for children in Singapore.

Play Cards

Playing cards that are specifically created for kids can really help a child memorize. You can play a memory game with your child where you fold all the cards which has pairs, and open them eventually until you find the matching pair. Help the child remember as to the exact place and the object they see on the card and find their matching card. Even games like Uno and Go fish will slowly stimulate and activate the part of your child’s brain.

Flash Cards

This is something that is widely used today. It is a known fact that kids remember pictures more than words and smells more than words too – and thus you could teach your kids spellings and even other things by making a few flash cards at home. If you child attends a playgroup make sure that they follow these techniques too. For, it will majorly help your kid boost their memory.

Make them teach

Another way of getting your kid to memorize things is getting them to teach you. If they can even slightly explain as to what they know, it will help them remember more things. It could be something that they might learn at their playgroup in Singapore. You could ask your child to explain it to you, and if you think they might be wrong correct it along the way. That way you will be helping your kid remember important facts.

Visualizing skills

Tell your child to always make a picture of what they want to remember in their head and always question them about this. Constantly keep asking the same thing over and over again so that it will be something they will remember. Say a word, and tell them to visualize it. For example if you say ‘a man playing a guitar’ ask your kid what might a guitar look like, and to make it up in their head.

The above mentioned ways and means of boosting up your child’s memory are very fascinating yet very simple ways. There are many more significant and complicated methods which would help them more, but it is also important to keep in mind that they are ‘just kids’ and that there is only so much that they can take.